Sunday, 25 April 2010

KOTD: CC Worth the risque, CG LOL

That's my first trying to do stamping with other then Konad polish. 
Not too easy at first, but you will learn.
Base coat,
2 coats of CC Worth the Risque,
2 coats of CG LOL on the side,
Side stamping with M44 and CC Worth the Risque,
Ring finger "Grapes" stamping with Fauxnad A02

 Only Color Club and In the shadows

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Romantic French

I love doing French manicures and don't really know why? Maybe they turn out better.

base coat,
2 coats of some Unknown polish on the tips,
Konad White with plate M73,
top coat,
later added some see-through polish with silver glitter.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Depend neon pink

I was preparing myself for my birthday celebrations this week. Plans included going to some nearby club for after-party, so I did some little bit crazy mani with Depend's #34 Neon pink nail polish. I love this polish cos it glows really brigth in disco lights. My plans changed so now I am going to some bigger place and out of country  to celebrate so now I am needed more feminine and more classy look.
Here is this look anyway,base coat, 2 coats Depend's polish , Konad m56, no top coat :

Day light
With flash

Monday, 5 April 2010

Chez Delaney's new plates and KOTD: Emerald Sparkle french

Little bit of news:
I just checked and the new T- series small stamping plates were there. They hadn't impressed me to much except Halloween plate, but it is not autumn jet.   


I am just into French manicure tips right now. 
I wanted to do leaf image, but got distracted and began to stamp flower image that was near. =)

Models Own Lilac Dream & Fauxnad

Todella hieno pasteli värinen kynsilakka! Sovi tosi hyvin valkoisen värin kanssa. Helppo levittää. 2 kerrosta.

Really pretty pastel-colored nail polish! Fit very well with the white color.  Easy to apply. 2coats.

Tehty ton avulla:
Done with:

Tämän kansa sopisi hyvin koristelu timanttiä tai  keltainen koristelulakka, mutta en tällä hetkellä omista niitä.

Here would fit well  some diamonds or yellow nail art polish, but I do not currently own them.