Sunday, 27 January 2013

3 Step Gradation Gold Nail Polish Set

Oh, my love for gradient / gradation nails. I got new set from ebay about month ago. I wanted to try something new without big hexagon glitters and I admit I love this set. Vibrant glittery colors catching eyes. Base color is transparent and pearly jet visible duo tiny glitters, two others are more visible and with more bigger gold glitters. Bottles are big, 12 ml. That also wins me over, comparing to  Etude House's Cocktail sets. Wanna try also their pink set.

In my finish manicure I added rhinestones and star and cupcake images from BM14 stamping plate.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Etude House If Story nail Kit #4 " if the White Witch Melts with Love " Swatch

Lovely Etude House 2012 Limited Christmas Edition "If Story"nail polish set. This is White / Snow Witch Kit. It contains two different 9 ml polishes with same features.

- One has clear base with large white dots and strips and large blue glitter dots.
- Another is soft nude pinky-beige base polish with different size multi color glitter and silver strips.

On mine photos polishes are with 3 coats. I am not fan of big glitter polishes, but this are perfect for winter holiday manicures.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bond, James Bond nail polishes

My new babys, OPI Skyfall minis!!!
Instantly had to do my nails with them, I used beautiful OPI "The Spy who loved me" named red polish. I can describe it as light, bright red color with some tiny, micro gold glitter shine. Good color to match red dress and gold accessories, but there is nothing fatal, James Bondish to me, I am more to dark, bloody reds. So on top of 2 coats of red polish I added 1 coat of gold OPI "GoldenEye" polish.

 It happened to look like tiny gold flakie glitter on my nails like this, but I it can also look like beautiful opaque gold polish in other circumstances, then it used separately.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Etude House Wannabe Perfumed Syrup Gradation Nails

Korean Etude House Wannabe Perfumed Syrup Nails set just amazes me by only looking at it. Its perfect! After applying it, I can image myself  using only this set. It is suitable everywhere: work, free-time, date ...

This set actually is from Etude Houses 2011  collection, so it a bit old already. It was a bit hard to find.  It is a gradation polish set so it creates a gradient look on your nail, you can see guide how it is done at the bottom of this sentence.
Etude House have already at market their more updated gradation polish sets. I had written about one lately. But they all are slightly smaller, and this set's color combination is unique. 
One thing what I also love about this nail polishes is  their smell, it is like a wild roses! I didn't noticed it at first, also I didn't expect this. I thought at name this "Wannabe Perfumed" was only beautiful words. I was wrong! All three polishes are perfumed polishes! And they are perfect as individual or in combination.  

You can see my nails, there is 1 coat of whitish polish, 2 coats of silverish polish and 2 coats of third polish which contains a little bit more base color in pink and pinkish - silverish glitters.

Nothing left to say, only Cawaii!!!

P.S. I stoped writing double text in finnish cos I am lazy, then I am not, I will write again.