Sunday, 27 January 2013

3 Step Gradation Gold Nail Polish Set

Oh, my love for gradient / gradation nails. I got new set from ebay about month ago. I wanted to try something new without big hexagon glitters and I admit I love this set. Vibrant glittery colors catching eyes. Base color is transparent and pearly jet visible duo tiny glitters, two others are more visible and with more bigger gold glitters. Bottles are big, 12 ml. That also wins me over, comparing to  Etude House's Cocktail sets. Wanna try also their pink set.

In my finish manicure I added rhinestones and star and cupcake images from BM14 stamping plate.


  1. I really like the white stars that you added to the gradation nails.

    Etude House now has three new gradation nails sets. You can read more at my blog: Etude House new juicy cocktail gradation nails sets

  2. Omigosh, this manicure is BEAUTIFUL! I have a similar gradation set. C:

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  3. Aaaaah upeeeet <3__<3 !! voiku itteki osais pitää vähän pidempiä kynsiä.

  4. Love the colour combination, it looks so nice! ^ ^

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