Saturday, 29 May 2010

Romantic layering

I was playing with my nails while watching Eurovision and couldn't wait to share what I've done just now.
Here you can see Konad polishes and plates m56, m57, base nude coat, also Eveline red polish, what supposed to be holographic. No top coat, I am scared to smudge Konad layers.
Olin leikkimassa kynsilakkoilla Eurovisujen aikana, ja semmonen kerrosleimaus syntyi.
  Käytin Konad lakat, levyjä m56 ja m57, nude väristä pohjalakka sekä Evelinen punaista lakka, minkä pitäisi olla holo lakka, mutta ei kovin siltä näytää .

Direct Sun Light

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

KOTD: Psycho pink attack!

That's my first mani with Konad Psycho Pink polish. Crazy me, I bought it to do heart images on french tips, but outcome sucks, so now I use it on other designs. That's what I did with m63 image plate.
Kuvassa: perus valkoinen kynsilakka (ranskalaisen manikuren setista, tosi peitävä) , sekä Konadin laatta m63 ja Konadin oma Psycho pink värinen kynsilakka.

  I completely forgot to post this. Sorry, it's been time, since I got this cute award from Manicure Time , big thanks to her.
 I am lazy to do stuff like this  sharing it to 12 others or posting form like 
sentences about myself. So I am posting the picture and saying thanks!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Victory Day!

I remember, I am proud of.
Nobody is forgotten and
 nothing is forgotten.
С Днём Победы!