Wednesday, 12 May 2010

KOTD: Psycho pink attack!

That's my first mani with Konad Psycho Pink polish. Crazy me, I bought it to do heart images on french tips, but outcome sucks, so now I use it on other designs. That's what I did with m63 image plate.
Kuvassa: perus valkoinen kynsilakka (ranskalaisen manikuren setista, tosi peitävä) , sekä Konadin laatta m63 ja Konadin oma Psycho pink värinen kynsilakka.

  I completely forgot to post this. Sorry, it's been time, since I got this cute award from Manicure Time , big thanks to her.
 I am lazy to do stuff like this  sharing it to 12 others or posting form like 
sentences about myself. So I am posting the picture and saying thanks!