Thursday, 30 December 2010

Sweet winter and zebra manicures

Konad plate M57 and some random pearl white polish

I like taking pictures with sunlight, so color match real ones. I hate this time of year cos daylight time is really short and I can't get nail photos during this period of time. So sorry for quality of this photos. Taken by phone camera.

Mä yleensä pidän ottaa kuvia auringon valossa, mutta nyt kun on talvi ja aurinko taivalla on vain muuttama tunti ja vielä ei joka päivää, ja mä en sillä ajalle voi ottaa kuvia. Joten nämä kuvat ovat aika huonoja laadulta minun mielestä, lisäksi kännykkä kameralla otettu , mutta se on parempi ku ei mitään.

In the end my recent mani / Lopuksi nykyinen mani:
China Glaze Something Sweet, Konadin white polish, Bundle Monster BM14, nail art silver glitter polish

Monday, 21 June 2010

Recent manis with BM plates.

I've been really busy off-line, so it quiet time since last posting. Here are some manis I've done with 
Bundle Monster plates. Plates are not perfect to deal with(mostly fullnail image plates, cos images are small ), but it's nice to have more images to chose from.
 You can see here is  fullnail image, I had a little bit double stamping with it on nails and horizontal double stamping on thumb nail.

Tässä on vähän Bundle Monster levyjen testausta. Kokokynnen kuvat on ihania, mutta pieniä koko kynsille. Tässä kuvassa näkyy että jouduin leimamaan toisen kerran kynnen sivulle, ja peukalossa vääntämään kuvä horisontaaliseksi ja taas leimaan toisen kerran.
One more old BM plate mani:
Vielä yks vanha 
BM plate testaus.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Mail from Bundle Monster

Yes! I got it!
My first ever Amazon  haul and  its Bundle Monster image stamping plates! I couldn't resist.Soon will be many manicures with them.
Uskalsin tehdä Amazonissa mun ensimmäinen tilaus. Tilasin Bundle Monster levyjä, 21kpl'ta samaan hintaan kuin neljä Konad oikea levyä. Hintaan tuli noin 18 euroa postituksen kanssa, ja kolme viikkoa kesti kuin sain ne.
Mahtava, nyt  testamaan...

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Romantic layering

I was playing with my nails while watching Eurovision and couldn't wait to share what I've done just now.
Here you can see Konad polishes and plates m56, m57, base nude coat, also Eveline red polish, what supposed to be holographic. No top coat, I am scared to smudge Konad layers.
Olin leikkimassa kynsilakkoilla Eurovisujen aikana, ja semmonen kerrosleimaus syntyi.
  Käytin Konad lakat, levyjä m56 ja m57, nude väristä pohjalakka sekä Evelinen punaista lakka, minkä pitäisi olla holo lakka, mutta ei kovin siltä näytää .

Direct Sun Light

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

KOTD: Psycho pink attack!

That's my first mani with Konad Psycho Pink polish. Crazy me, I bought it to do heart images on french tips, but outcome sucks, so now I use it on other designs. That's what I did with m63 image plate.
Kuvassa: perus valkoinen kynsilakka (ranskalaisen manikuren setista, tosi peitävä) , sekä Konadin laatta m63 ja Konadin oma Psycho pink värinen kynsilakka.

  I completely forgot to post this. Sorry, it's been time, since I got this cute award from Manicure Time , big thanks to her.
 I am lazy to do stuff like this  sharing it to 12 others or posting form like 
sentences about myself. So I am posting the picture and saying thanks!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Victory Day!

I remember, I am proud of.
Nobody is forgotten and
 nothing is forgotten.
С Днём Победы!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

KOTD: CC Worth the risque, CG LOL

That's my first trying to do stamping with other then Konad polish. 
Not too easy at first, but you will learn.
Base coat,
2 coats of CC Worth the Risque,
2 coats of CG LOL on the side,
Side stamping with M44 and CC Worth the Risque,
Ring finger "Grapes" stamping with Fauxnad A02

 Only Color Club and In the shadows

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Romantic French

I love doing French manicures and don't really know why? Maybe they turn out better.

base coat,
2 coats of some Unknown polish on the tips,
Konad White with plate M73,
top coat,
later added some see-through polish with silver glitter.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Depend neon pink

I was preparing myself for my birthday celebrations this week. Plans included going to some nearby club for after-party, so I did some little bit crazy mani with Depend's #34 Neon pink nail polish. I love this polish cos it glows really brigth in disco lights. My plans changed so now I am going to some bigger place and out of country  to celebrate so now I am needed more feminine and more classy look.
Here is this look anyway,base coat, 2 coats Depend's polish , Konad m56, no top coat :

Day light
With flash

Monday, 5 April 2010

Chez Delaney's new plates and KOTD: Emerald Sparkle french

Little bit of news:
I just checked and the new T- series small stamping plates were there. They hadn't impressed me to much except Halloween plate, but it is not autumn jet.   


I am just into French manicure tips right now. 
I wanted to do leaf image, but got distracted and began to stamp flower image that was near. =)

Models Own Lilac Dream & Fauxnad

Todella hieno pasteli värinen kynsilakka! Sovi tosi hyvin valkoisen värin kanssa. Helppo levittää. 2 kerrosta.

Really pretty pastel-colored nail polish! Fit very well with the white color.  Easy to apply. 2coats.

Tehty ton avulla:
Done with:

Tämän kansa sopisi hyvin koristelu timanttiä tai  keltainen koristelulakka, mutta en tällä hetkellä omista niitä.

Here would fit well  some diamonds or yellow nail art polish, but I do not currently own them.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Models Own Haul

Last week end I did little haul. I could not stop myself when it comes to special offers like now buy 3 pay for 2 or something else. I bought Pastel Pink, Lilac Dream and Mixed Up.


I tried Mixed Up First and I want to say it was real disappointment. I don't really sure why I bought it, I could not decide what third polish I'll take. I ended up taking this.


Details about Mixed Up: its a glitter polish with see threw base, multicolor glitter and black dots. You really need to plan your manicure before using this. I am sorry, I don't show my correct mani, cos I don't like how it ended up.  I putted Mixed Up on black polish base and it looked like normal only multicolor glitter. May be  if you use it for about 3-4 coats you get bottle model result.    

Monday, 15 March 2010

French manicure with fauxnad barbed wire

I did normal French manicure with some random set of nail polishes I bought with discount in near shop. Then I added some tough feeling to it with design from Chez Delaney's plate H28. That design was the reason why I bought this plate, it was in my imagination for some time now. It is not exactly barbed wire image but it resembles it pretty close. Image itself is medium size, but small for whole nail  coverage. I stamped two images near to continue my design. I think i did well.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Color Club Love 'Em, Leave 'Em


 Beige hologrammi lakka, tosi kaunis suorassa auringon tai teko valossa. Varjossa lähes ihon värinen. Yksi kerros riittää. Sateenkaaren voi nähdä pullossa ja kynsissä!

Beige hologram polish, really beautiful in the sun shine or direct light and nice beige near skin tone in shadows. It is only 1 coat and is quite enough.
I am so enjoying it! You can see rainbow there!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Online Haul

Last week I got my first online nail polish purchase. Package came from
For a long time I wanted holo polishes and at last I have them!

Viime viikolla sain ensimmäisen kynsilakka online tilauksen. Paketti tuli'ista.
Siitä on joo pitkä aikaa kuin halusin noi holo lakat itsellesi ja nyt ne on minulla!

See more under...

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Models Own Orangeade

I fell in love with this polish from the start, it was so shiny and glittery on the store shelf.
The colour is really bright, it's almost neon.  

 First I was not very happy with it, then I opened it I thought it was old and drying, but may be it's formula just is like that. Polish stayed on nails without any little cracking for a week and it is long time for me, so in the end I really enjoyed it.

P.S. It was hell to remove it.

Friday, 26 February 2010

KOTD: Lily lace M57

White Konad Special Nail Polish  & Eveline "Lily" Polish

This konadicure made by me about 2 weeks ago. It turned up quite well so I can proudly post it here. I've finally learned how not to mess stamping two images near.

Tämä konadicureni on noin 2 viikkoa vanhaa. Se onnistui niin hyvin, että voin julkaista sen tässä. Vihdoinkin olen oppinut leimamaan kaksi kuvaa lähelle ilman sotkua.