Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Etude House Wannabe Perfumed Syrup Gradation Nails

Korean Etude House Wannabe Perfumed Syrup Nails set just amazes me by only looking at it. Its perfect! After applying it, I can image myself  using only this set. It is suitable everywhere: work, free-time, date ...

This set actually is from Etude Houses 2011  collection, so it a bit old already. It was a bit hard to find.  It is a gradation polish set so it creates a gradient look on your nail, you can see guide how it is done at the bottom of this sentence.
Etude House have already at market their more updated gradation polish sets. I had written about one lately. But they all are slightly smaller, and this set's color combination is unique. 
One thing what I also love about this nail polishes is  their smell, it is like a wild roses! I didn't noticed it at first, also I didn't expect this. I thought at name this "Wannabe Perfumed" was only beautiful words. I was wrong! All three polishes are perfumed polishes! And they are perfect as individual or in combination.  

You can see my nails, there is 1 coat of whitish polish, 2 coats of silverish polish and 2 coats of third polish which contains a little bit more base color in pink and pinkish - silverish glitters.

Nothing left to say, only Cawaii!!!

P.S. I stoped writing double text in finnish cos I am lazy, then I am not, I will write again.


  1. the nailpolish coulours looks amazing! the nails looks very nice <3